Saturday, October 27, 2007


What is Adboardz?

Your own adboard: 5 text-ads, 5 banners, 1 EmailAd, 1 Testimonial-link

Adboardz allows you to place different types of ads on your own personal adboard. Promote all your sites with 1 link.

Your ads are also shown on the adboards of other members.
Other people will be promoting your offers too.

Sign up for your own adboard & join a team of serious online marketers.

But Adboardz is so much more.

Learn about advertising, use the right tools
Free downloads & e-books
Your ads rotated at numerous places
Free upgrades in partner sites
Free members don't earn commissions, but get a free upgrade after 4 sales

An optional 1-time upgrade fee separates the serious online marketers from those who fail in online marketing

Even more advertising, random referrals, more free upgrades ...
Marketing forum to meet other marketers
50% commissions on selling pro memberships
New features and benefits added all the time

All this at the lowest cost possible. We really want you to earn more money.

Sign up for your own adboard & join a team of serious online marketers.


GottaFindLove said...

I've been with AdBoardz for over a year now and have to say that it does work. I've increased my referrals from my AdBoardz page and have been doing well with it.

I almost forgot about it until I received an email report from them today.

Maybe I'll increase my clicks even more now that I have it posted on my blog.

GottaFindLove said...

Yep, my clicks increased on AdBoardz once again. I did change some of my ads but I have been doing very, very well.

If you belong to more than one affiliate program, this is a perfect site for you to advertise them all on one page.

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