Saturday, October 6, 2007

AdBux for Affiliates
In the world of secular advertising, advertisers pay a medium to disperse their adverts in front of targeted and/or un-targeted people. The only connection that the advertisers have with potential consumers is interest. Using images, word play and offering the product/service at a cheaper price works in some or most instances, but what else can be added to entice the consumers to go with that particular advertiser? Our solution is a monetary incentive. Think of this: As a consumer, wouldn't it be nice to get paid to simply look at products/services/websites that interest you?

Advertisers will pay YOU up to $0.015 (1.5 cents) for every website you view! Additionally, you can maximize your earnings with our affiliate program where you can earn up to 150% of your referrals' direct click earnings and commissions on any AdBux service that your referrals purchase!

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AdBux for Advertisers
One of the most valuable features of advertising with AdBux, the thing that sets us apart from mainstream advertising is that with AdBux, the consumers are looking for the advertisers and not the other way around. We have hundreds of thousands of consumers from over 200 countries that can be targeted by their interests, their location and their buying power. They are literally waiting for advertisers to pay them to look at stuff that they are already interested in!

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GottaFindLove said...

I currently use AdBux and have done very well at advertising and making a few extra bucks.

Check it out, doesn't cost a dime to make a few extra bucks.

Once you have money in your account from clicking you can either cash them out to your PayPal account or use them to advertise your websites.

GottaFindLove said... is doing even better especially on Check out the information there with the following link.

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GottaFindLove said...

I'm nearing another $16.00 on AdBux. I usually don't cashout but end up using my account balance to purchase ads.

I have done very well advertising on this site.

Also many new features are coming to AdBux. I'll keep you posted.

GottaFindLove said...

AAL is great!

AdBux Auto Line
Take advantage of the AdBux Auto Line and save time & money. With a 30 day subscription to the AAL, we will automatically place un-referred users in your downline as they become available. Every referral you receive will have clicked at least once and all missed referral clicks and earnings will be added to your account upon their placement. For the program to be beneficial to those who subscribe, we only have a limited amount of spots available. This will provide an estimated 12-25 active referrals per period.

This service really works! On my first subscription I received 12 referrals! And 9 are active clickers! I just resubscribed to AAL for 3 months!

GottaFindLove said...

AdBux is definately my favorite PTC. I have 149 referrals and many are active. The site has a steady stream of ads too.

I'm already up to $18.03.

GottaFindLove said...

AdBux Offers Now Online!
We’ve officially and finally launched the new offer section and currently have over 80 offers available in 239 countries with new offers being added everyday. Nearly all of the offers are 100% free, some of the free offers pay up to $10+ per signup!

Currently, most offers are only available to countries like the US, Canada, UK and Australia… however, the amount of offers will continue to grow per country as we continue to create more affiliate relationships with third party advertisers.

On the last newsletter, we mentioned that the referral commission will be up to 10%. Well, to once again revolutionize things (hey, we did it to PTC, we can do it to PTS), we’ve changed this figure to (up to) 100% commission on what your referrals earn from their completed offers. When I say “up to,” I mean that non-premium members earn 50% while premium members earn 100% direct referral commission. If you’re premium and one of your referrals earns $20 from offers, you’ll earn $20 from those offers too.

Maybe you aren’t truly realizing the new potential that AdBux is clearly portraying. The total worth of JUST the FREE offers is currently $137.16! If you live in a country where there are only a few offers available, your referrals from other parts of the world can do the offers and you’ll make the same amount of money as if you were to do them! The only difference is that you won’t directly earn from those offers because you didn’t have them in the first place!

We launched this last night at 10:00 EST and some users have already earned over $30 in offer earnings.

We planned on getting the support pages all updated with the new offer program today but other things got in the way, look for those updates by tomorrow sometime. The updates will explain how the offers work, pending times, incomplete offers and more.

GottaFindLove said...

Great new features are on AdBux. New advertising features and a new browsing feature.

Check them out!

GottaFindLove said...

With the new ad-system now up and running there doesn't seem to be as many ads as there once was.

I hope my down-line won't give up, because I know the Admin at AdBux is working on the new system to get us more ads.

But at this time it would seem that you get more ads when you're a Premium Member, like myself, than being a free member.

Like I always say, we will see how this works out.

GottaFindLove said...

AdBux always morphs over and over. They removed the AAL (temporary), they reinstated the 24 hour clicking and they will be adding more ways to earn cash in the new year.

I do have to admit, with all the ups and downs that AdBux goes through, this is the #1 site for me to make some extra cash.

I'll make over $34.00 for payout. This is the largest payout I've had to date and hope to see it increase over the coming months.

They have also added a "Payment Proof" section, all you need to do is click on the "USD Paid:" in the far upper right corner of the site and it will list the members who were paid, how much and when.

A great feature.

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